See the inaccessible

Plan the unpredictable

Visual camera inspection of boilers and boiler room equipment

Avoid a service interruption or premature aging of your boiler room equipment. Our complete visual inspection service (without entering a confined space) can detect signs of oxidation, over-calcification or accumulation of substances that can affect your productivity or even the safety of your equipment.

Visual technologies / Security / Data Transmission

Cameras resistant to flames and extreme temperatures.

A safe intervention by 2 certified technicians.

USB key data transmission or video copies.

24/7 service, 365 days a year.

See our cameras in action

Inspection by miniature cameras in your boiler room

  • Inside Inspection of Equipment
  • Pipe inspection
  • Remote location and recovery of damaged objects
  • Quality control/validation of high-pressure or acid cleaning
  • Verification of welds, joints, valves, vanes and others
  • Verification of the quality or condition of refractories

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