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Contingency gives confidence

Be prepared for any eventuality at any time. The energy contingency plan secures your workers, your operations and your wallet:

  • Respond quickly to a failure;
  • Plan ahead each step and equipment needed for a temporary installation;
  • Avoid any financial impact;
  • Protect your space and your people.



Standards as strict as yours

We do not hire anyone. Risk management is a meticulous process that requires an optimal understanding of your security standards. That’s why our staff and partners possess all the necessary qualifications to properly serve you:

  • Personnel subject to the standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec;
  • Up-to-date certification on workplace safety required by our customers;
  • Professional Ethics.



The best high speed service

Installing a temporary boiler is faster if you have a good contingency plan. Each step counts to recover your level of energy performance in a minimum of time:

  • Ground preparation
  • Choice of equipment
  • Identification of connections
  • Procurement of the required permits
  • Turnkey installation
  • Reliability tests

Power at your fingertips

Getting a boiler compatible with your environment is fundamental. You must never compromise its production capacity or its configuration standards. Make sure you can choose from a wide range of mobile units, available when you need them.

  • Steam boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Thermal fluid boilers
  • Power from 15 hp to 4000 hp
  • Pressure from 60 lb to 260 lb
  • Natural gas, propane gas, biomass, biogas, electricity, fuel oil

The best guarantee is the reliability of people

The primary mission of a reliable service is to save you time, money and hassle. Your rental agent will establish from the first contact a relationship based on trust:

  • A clear framework contract
  • A transparent cost approach
  • An involvement of your competent resources
  • A continuous inspection service
  • Energy optimization tips
  • 24/7 availability

7 questions to ask Denis

before renting a boiler

1. How can a contingency plan lower my insurance costs? 
The answer lies in the optimization of the response time!The contingency plan shows your insurer on paper that you are ready to react quickly to any eventuality. For an urgent need of power, we will already know where and how to install the rental boiler. You minimize production losses and keep your insurance costs low. Did you know that depending on your type of installation, the validation of your contingency plan for connections to your services can be done in just 24 hours? Do not wait any longer. And do not forget to inform your insurer when your plan is ready!
2. When does the rental fee start, and when does it end? 
Rental charges begin when the temporary boiler is started. However, the installation costs vary according to your needs, the site site preparation, the availability of your equipment and resources. You can always count on the Servitech team to take care of your installation as soon as possible.
3. Who pays the loading / unloading and transportation costs?
Regardless of the type of installation, it is important to calculate these fees depending on the context of the field and the availability of your resources. Our priority is to deliver the best boiler to you as soon as possible. If your resources can help us speed the process, it will be to your advantage. Let’s evaluate these fees when signing the contract.
4. What type of connection would we need for easy installation?
Regardless of the type of boiler you need, it is highly recommended to have flexible or rigid connections. if you do not have any, the construction of these can be done locally or externally. It all depends on the resources you have. Our mission will always be to save you money.
5. How can we be sure the boiler is reliable?
In case of breakdown or breakage,  we always have a plan B. We repair or replace your rental boiler at no cost. Our team of experienced technicians will be deployed quickly to restart the energy equipment and minimize the loss of productivity.
6. Is your staff certified to enter my facility?
Our staff and partners are subject  to the standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. If your facilities have a specific protocol to work on, be certain that we will follow the necessary training and respect your security codes.
7. Why did Servitech join forces with Simoneau?
Since the acquisition of Servitech Énergie by Simoneau in 2013, the two companies have continued to combine their expertise to offer the best industrial boiler rental service in Québec. In addition, teamwork, passion, integrity and performance are common values proudly conveyed by all employees affiliated with Simoneau. The union was thus obvious. With this new logo, we want to demonstrate to our customers that we are still two companies, but one big team.

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