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Of your boiler room

Thermal inspection of your boiler room equipment

An overheating of your equipment can have a direct impact on production and even on your operating costs.

  • Loss of efficiency
  • Energy loss
  • Premature ageing
  • Security incidents

At Tremcour, we are pioneers in the use of thermography in America. Our long-wave and short-wave cameras measure the thermal impact of your boiler room equipment.

Visual Technologies / Security / Inspection report

Long-wave and short-wave cameras.

A safe intervention by a certified technician.

Inspection report and data transmission.

24/7 Service, 365 days a year.

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Thermal inspection in your boiler room

  • Verification of operation equipment temperatures
  • Premature wear or mechanical overheating (rolling equipment, power supply, etc.)
  • Inspection of electrical systems (panels, circuit breakers, lines, bars, etc.)
  • Checking of joints, shells or refractory conditions
  • Sealing of tanks, valves, steam trap
  • Production and prevention of shutdown (coking, clogged pipes)
  • Integrity of refractories and validation of thermocouple measurements

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